Eminent Nutrition was founded by Casey Barnette, a respected health coach with over 6 years of industry experience changing lives and building brands.

From humble beginnings working inside supplement retail stores as an hourly associate to owning multiple brands, Casey brings years of education for those who want to take their performance to the next level.

When formulating Eminent Nutrition products, it is Casey’s vision to bring the most potent, innovative, and proven ingredients to the market. 


At Eminent Nutrition, it is our mission to provide the highest level of performance products. Products that are efficaciously dosed with the most proven and innovative ingredients to market. Each of our products is manufactured in the United States from a FDA registered and GMP certified facility. Standing true to our core values of transparency, integrity, and ethics to ensure eminent quality. 


Eminent Nutrition supplies your customers top of the line supplementation and product knowledge, building their trust in your company. By providing brand recognition, return revenue, and exceptional customer service to you; we strive to set the standard for our retailers. 

Eminent Nutrition deploys all the tools you need to serve all of your clients’ supplement needs.